Articles | Volume 13, issue 1
Mech. Sci., 13, 559–575, 2022
Mech. Sci., 13, 559–575, 2022
Research article
20 Jun 2022
Research article | 20 Jun 2022

Varying rate adaptive hybrid position–impedance control for robot-assisted ultrasonic examination system

Zhanxin Xie and Zheng Yan

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Subject: Mechanisms and Robotics | Techniques and Approaches: Mathematical Modeling and Analysis
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Dake Tian, Haiming Gao, Lu Jin, Rongqiang Liu, Yu Zhang, Chuang Shi, and Jiewei Xu
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Ying Lin, Qian Chen, Haijun Zhang, Ye Ma, Wenlian Zeng, Guojun Wei, Hongxiang Wang, and Maohua Xiao
Mech. Sci., 13, 225–237,,, 2022
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Robotic ultrasonic scanning needs to apply an appropriate force for a long time during the acquisition process. Excessive contact force may lead to deformation and even hurt the patient, while insufficient force would lead to poor image quality. We proposed a varying rate hybrid position–impedance control strategy, which can partly play the role of an ultrasound sonographer and serve as a medical assistant to reduce their workload.