Special issues

Advances in Service and Industrial Robotics – RAAD2021, 2022
Eds. Mohamed Amine Laribi and Juan Sandoval
Advances in nanomechanical sensors, 2017
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Modelling and control of robots, 2015
Eds. A. Müller and M. Hofbaur
Recent advances and current trends in numerical multibody dynamics, 2013
Eds. A. Müller, O. Brüls, B. He, A. Jain, and A. Tasora
Robotics and advanced manufacturing, 2021
Eds. Guimin Chen, Haiyang Li, Peng Li, and Bo Li
Selected papers of the 31st International Manufacturing Conference (IMC31), 2015
Eds. G. Hao, G. Kelly, B. Wright, and M. Cotterell
Underactuated Grasping, 2010
Eds. L. Birglen, G. A. Kragten, and J. L. Herder
CC BY 4.0