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Research article
18 Feb 2021
Research article |  | 18 Feb 2021

A new method for isomorphism identification of planetary gear trains

Wei Sun, Ronghe Li, Jianyi Kong, and Anming Li

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The singular value decomposition method of improved incidence matrix for isomorphism identification of epicyclic gear trains
Mingshuai Zhou, Wei Sun, Rongxuan Wu, and Wenxu Fu
Mech. Sci., 13, 535–542,,, 2022
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Optimal synthesis of four-bar linkages for path generation using the individual repairing method
Xinyuan Yao, Xingdong Wang, Wei Sun, Jianyi Kong, and Zhongkang Lin
Mech. Sci., 13, 79–87,,, 2022
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Subject: Mechanisms and Robotics | Techniques and Approaches: Mathematical Modeling and Analysis
Modeling and control strategy of a haptic interactive robot based on a cable-driven parallel mechanism
Da Song, Xinlei Xiao, Gang Li, Lixun Zhang, Feng Xue, and Lailu Li
Mech. Sci., 14, 19–32,,, 2023
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Research on obstacle performance and tipping stability of a novel wheel–leg deformation mechanism
Minghui Zhang and Yiming Su
Mech. Sci., 14, 1–13,,, 2023
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Dynamic modeling and vibration characteristics analysis of parallel antenna
Guoxing Zhang, Jianliang He, Jinwei Guo, and Xinlu Xia
Mech. Sci., 13, 1019–1029,,, 2022
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A real-time and accurate detection approach for bucket teeth falling off based on improved YOLOX
Jinnan Lu and Yang Liu
Mech. Sci., 13, 979–990,,, 2022
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Research on structural parameters and kinematic properties of a drill-in granary grain condition detector
Qiang Yin, Junpeng Yu, Shaoyun Song, Yonglin Zhang, Gang Zhao, Zhiqiang Hao, and Ao Hu
Mech. Sci., 13, 961–978,,, 2022
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