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Research article
04 Feb 2021
Research article |  | 04 Feb 2021

Analysis and control of state jump in space deployable structures under alternating temperature loads

Congcong Chen, Tuanjie Li, Yaqiong Tang, and Zuowei Wang

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Design and analysis of a novel deployable hexagonal prism module for parabolic cylinder antenna
Xiaofei Ma, Yang Li, Tuanjie Li, Hangjia Dong, Dawei Wang, and Juntao Zhu
Mech. Sci., 12, 9–18,,, 2021
Configuration synthesis of generalized deployable units via group theory
Tuanjie Li, Jie Jiang, Hangjia Dong, and Lei Zhang
Mech. Sci., 7, 201–208,,, 2016

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Subject: Mechanisms and Robotics | Techniques and Approaches: Mathematical Modeling and Analysis
Meshing stiffness characteristics of modified variable hyperbolic circular-arc-tooth-trace cylindrical gears
Dengqiu Ma, Bing Jiang, Zhenhuan Ye, and Yongping Liu
Mech. Sci., 15, 395–405,,, 2024
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Gravity compensation and output data decoupling of a novel six-dimensional force sensor
Yongli Wang, Ke Jin, Xiao Li, Feifan Cao, and Xuan Yu
Mech. Sci., 15, 367–383,,, 2024
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A replaceable-component method to construct single-degree-of-freedom multi-mode planar mechanisms with up to eight links
Liangyi Nie, Huafeng Ding, Andrés Kecskeméthy, Kwun-Lon Ting, Shiming Li, Bowen Dong, Zhengpeng Wu, Wenyan Luo, and Xiaoyan Wu
Mech. Sci., 15, 331–351,,, 2024
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Optimal design and experiments of a novel bobbin thread-hooking mechanism with RRSC (revolute–revolute–spherical–cylindrical) spatial four-bar linkage
Bingliang Ye, Xu Wang, Mingfeng Zheng, Pengbo Ye, and Weiwei Hong
Mech. Sci., 15, 269–279,,, 2024
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Dynamic modeling and performance analysis of the 2PRU-PUU parallel mechanism
Tianze Sun, Wei Ye, Chao Yang, and Fengli Huang
Mech. Sci., 15, 249–256,,, 2024
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