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27 Mar 2023
Research article |  | 27 Mar 2023

Design of a soft bionic elbow exoskeleton based on shape memory alloy spring actuators

Qiaolian Xie, Qiaoling Meng, Wenwei Yu, Rongna Xu, Zhiyu Wu, Xiaoming Wang, and Hongliu Yu

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Mech. Sci., 12, 661–675,,, 2021
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This paper presents a novel soft bionic elbow exoskeleton based on shape metal alloy (SMA) actuators (Sobee-SMA). The exoskeleton adopts a bionic design, combining active deformation material SMA and high elastic material rubber band to simulate the contraction and relaxation of the elbow skeletal muscle. According to the static analysis of the human–exoskeleton coupling model and experiments, the exoskeleton provides elbow-assisted motion and ensures the safety of the thermal heating process.