Articles | Volume 7, issue 1
Mech. Sci., 7, 119–126, 2016
Mech. Sci., 7, 119–126, 2016

Research article 12 Apr 2016

Research article | 12 Apr 2016

Mechanical design, analysis and testing of a large-range compliant microgripper

Yilin Liu and Qingsong Xu

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Subject: Mechanisms and Robotics | Techniques and Approaches: Mathematical Modeling and Analysis
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This paper presents the design and testing of a new large-range compliant microgripper. The gripper arms not only provide large gripping range but deliver approximately rectilinear movement as the displacement in nonworking direction is extremely small. The large gripping range is enabled by a dual-stage flexure amplifier to magnify the stroke of piezoelectric actuator. Finite-element analysis simulation study has been conducted. A prototype of the gripper is developed for experimental testing.