Articles | Volume 4, issue 2
Research article
02 Dec 2013
Research article |  | 02 Dec 2013

Monolithic 2 DOF fully compliant space pointing mechanism

E. G. Merriam, J. E. Jones, S. P. Magleby, and L. L. Howell

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Thickness-utilizing deployable hard stops for origami-based design applications
David W. Andrews, Spencer P. Magleby, and Larry L. Howell
Mech. Sci., 11, 395–410,,, 2020
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Origami fold states: concept and design tool
Alex Avila, Spencer P. Magleby, Robert J. Lang, and Larry L. Howell
Mech. Sci., 10, 91–105,,, 2019
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Towards developing product applications of thick origami using the offset panel technique
Michael R. Morgan, Robert J. Lang, Spencer P. Magleby, and Larry L. Howell
Mech. Sci., 7, 69–77,,, 2016
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Origami-like creases in sheet materials for compliant mechanism design
K. C. Francis, J. E. Blanch, S. P. Magleby, and L. L. Howell
Mech. Sci., 4, 371–380,,, 2013

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Subject: Mechanisms and Robotics | Techniques and Approaches: Synthesis
Assembly of reconfigurable Bricard-like mechanisms to form a multimode deployable arch
Ruiming Li, Xianhong Zhang, Shuo Zhang, Ran Liu, and Yan-an Yao
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Design and error compensation of a 3-degrees-of-freedom cable-driven hybrid 3D-printing mechanism
Sen Qian, Xiao Jiang, Yong Liu, Shuaikang Wang, Xiantao Sun, and Huihui Sun
Mech. Sci., 14, 371–386,,, 2023
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The evolution and restoration of European vertically arranged mechanical turret clocks before the 17th century
Tsung-Yi Lin and Wen-Feng Lin
Mech. Sci., 13, 933–948,,, 2022
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Evolution and mechanism configuration synthesis of chamber clocks movement prior to 1700
Tsung-Yi Lin and Wen-Feng Lin
Mech. Sci., 13, 877–897,,, 2022
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Structural analysis of traditional Chinese blocked-keyhole padlocks
Yang Zhang, Hsin-Te Wang, Jian-Liang Lin, Chin-Fei Huang, and Kuo-Hung Hsiao
Mech. Sci., 13, 791–802,,, 2022
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