Articles | Volume 3, issue 1
Mech. Sci., 3, 15–23, 2012

Special issue: Future directions in compliant mechanisms

Mech. Sci., 3, 15–23, 2012

Research article 28 Mar 2012

Research article | 28 Mar 2012

Building block method: a bottom-up modular synthesis methodology for distributed compliant mechanisms

G. Krishnan et al.

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Subject: Mechanisms and Robotics | Techniques and Approaches: Synthesis
Synthesis method of two translational compliant mechanisms with redundant actuation
Shihua Li, Yajie Zhou, Yanxia Shan, Shuang Chen, and Jinhan Han
Mech. Sci., 12, 983–995,,, 2021
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Reconstruction designs of an early Chinese astronomical clock with a waterwheel steelyard clepsydra
Zeng-Hui Hwang, Tsung-Yi Lin, and Hong-Sen Yan
Mech. Sci., 12, 891–911,,, 2021
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Mixed synthesis method of motion and path of planar four-bar linkages
Rui Wu, Ruiqin Li, Hailong Liang, and Fengping Ning
Mech. Sci., 12, 443–449,,, 2021
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Geometric synthesis method of compliant mechanism based on similarity transformation of pole maps
Song Lin, Yu Zhang, Hanchao Wang, Jingyu Jiang, and Niels Modler
Mech. Sci., 12, 375–391,,, 2021
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Structural optimization of a new type of lever-assisted gear reducer based on a genetic algorithm
Lei Guo, Zeyu Wang, Yuan Song, Xianjie Shan, and Dongming Gan
Mech. Sci., 12, 333–343,,, 2021
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