Articles | Volume 2, issue 1
Research article
10 May 2011
Research article |  | 10 May 2011

Level set-based topology optimisation of a compliant mechanism design using mathematical programming

M. Otomori, T. Yamada, K. Izui, and S. Nishiwaki

Related subject area

Structural Mechanics
Comparative study of dynamically equivalent modeling methods for honeycomb sandwich structure: numerical simulations and experiments
Ning Guo, Hao Chen, Zhong Zhang, Fei Du, and Chao Xu
Mech. Sci., 11, 317–328,,, 2020
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Research on the HMCVT gear shifting smoothness of the four-speed self-propelled cotton picker
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A teeth-discretized electromechanical model of a traveling-wave ultrasonic motor
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Study on power split characteristics of planetary multistage face gear transmission device and its effect to drive efficiency under variable speed working condition
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Mech. Sci., 11, 173–182,,, 2020

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