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Research article
27 Oct 2021
Research article |  | 27 Oct 2021

Research on the smooth velocity control of a driving switching process of a new pneumatic electric hybrid actuator

Jiabin Yang and Xiaoning Li

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Subject: Machining and Manufacturing Processes | Techniques and Approaches: Experiment and Best Practice
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Yun Zhang, Guangshun Liang, Cong Cao, Yun Zhang, and Yan Li
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Dongdong Song, Zhangping Ren, Yingxin Yang, Yousheng Chen, Gao Nie, Leichuan Tan, Hao Peng, Zijie Li, Xiaojing Chen, Meng Li, Haitao Ren, and Long Zuo
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Jianxiong Kang, Yanjun Lu, Bin Zhao, Cheng Jiang, Pengzhou Li, Hongbo Luo, and Yongfang Zhang
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Short summary
The new pneumatic–electric hybrid actuator with pneumatic and electric driving modes has the problem of speed fluctuation in the process of driving switching. This affects the stability in the positioning process. In order to solve this problem, the motion characteristics of piston rod in pneumatic locking are studied. A relay and run strategy is proposed to solve the problem of speed fluctuation.