Advances in nanomechanical sensors
Advances in nanomechanical sensors
Editor(s): M. K. Ghatkesar, H. Goosen, H. Sadeghian, and N. Tolou
Nanomechanical sensing is one of the most sensitive transduction principles to measure a variety of parameters. Atomic force microscopy is one such example that opened the doors to the nanoworld. Over the years, this principle has been extended to beyond imaging: detecting mass of a single molecule, sensing femtomolar biological samples, detecting single-base-pair mismatch in DNA, rapid monitoring of bacterial growth, exploiting nonlinear nanomechanics etc.

The special issue will be based on the contributions made at the 13th International Workshop on Nanomechanical Sensing in Delft, the Netherlands, during 22–24 June 2016, which was an annual meeting for scientists working in this area to share recent developments. Authors are invited to extend their work to journal papers and increase awareness for their scientific work to beyond the attendees of the annual meeting by open-access publication.

The following topics are covered: instrumentation, biological sensors, chemical sensors, theoretical modeling of sensors, micro- and nano-fabrication, optomechanics and novel sensing platforms.

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12 May 2017
A two-dimensional electron gas sensing motion of a nanomechanical cantilever
Andrey Shevyrin and Arthur Pogosov
Mech. Sci., 8, 111–115,,, 2017
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14 Mar 2017
Mitochondrial activity detected by cantilever based sensor
Petar Stupar, Wojciech Chomicki, Caroline Maillard, David Mikeladze, Aleksandar Kalauzi, Ksenija Radotić, Giovanni Dietler, and Sandor Kasas
Mech. Sci., 8, 23–28,,, 2017
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