Articles | Volume 9, issue 2
Mech. Sci., 9, 389–404, 2018
Mech. Sci., 9, 389–404, 2018
Research article
20 Nov 2018
Research article | 20 Nov 2018

detasFLEX – A computational design tool for the analysis of various notch flexure hinges based on non-linear modeling

Stefan Henning et al.

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A novel computational design tool to calculate the elasto-kinematic flexure hinge properties is presented. Four hinge contours are implemented. It is shown, that FEM results correlate well with the analytical design tool results. For a given deflection angle of 10° and a corner-filleted contour, the deviations of the bending stiffness are between 0.1 % and 9.4 %. The design tool can be beneficial for the accelerated and systematic synthesis of compliant mechanisms with optimized flexure hinges.