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Research article
11 Nov 2016
Research article |  | 11 Nov 2016

Design formulae for a concave convex arc line gear mechanism

Yangzhi Chen and Li Yao

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The design formulae for skew line gear wheel structures oriented to the additive manufacturing technology based on strength analysis
Yueling Lyu, Yangzhi Chen, and Yifan Lin
Mech. Sci., 8, 369–383,,, 2017
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Subject: Machining and Manufacturing Processes | Techniques and Approaches: Optimization
Parameter tuning of robust adaptive fuzzy controller for 3D elliptical vibration-assisted cutting
Yongsheng Du, Mingming Lu, Hao Wang, Jiakang Zhou, and Jieqiong Lin
Mech. Sci., 12, 433–442,,, 2021
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Additive manufacturing of a continuum topology-optimized palletizing manipulator arm
Jiwen Chen, Qingpeng Chen, and Hongjuan Yang
Mech. Sci., 12, 289–304,,, 2021
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Optimal design and experimental study of fixed abrasive pads based on coupling of damping regulation and pellet arrangement
Chaoqun Xu, Congfu Fang, Yuan Li, and Chong Liu
Mech. Sci., 12, 97–108,,, 2021
Experimental investigation for the effects of wire EDM process parameters over the tapered cross-sectional workpieces of titanium alloys (Ti6Al-4V)
Muhammad Wasif, Syed A. Iqbal, Anis Fatima, Saima Yaqoob, and Muhammad Tufail
Mech. Sci., 11, 221–232,,, 2020
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Optimum design of the double roll rotary forging machine frame
Lei Shi, Chun Dong Zhu, Xin Liu, and Yi Zhang
Mech. Sci., 11, 101–114,,, 2020
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