Articles | Volume 1, issue 1
Special issue:
22 Dec 2010
 | 22 Dec 2010

A proposal for benchmark tests for underactuated or compliant hands

G. A. Kragten, C. Meijneke, and J. L. Herder

Abstract. There is a lack of agreement in the literature as to what exactly quantifies the performance of underactuated hands. This paper proposes two benchmark tests to measure the ability of underactuated hands to grasp different objects and the ability to hold the objects when force disturbances apply. The first test determines the smallest and largest cylindrical object which can be successfully grasped in an enveloping grasp or in a pinch grasp. The second test provides the maximal allowable force which can be applied to a grasped object without loosing it. A setup was constructed consisting of standard components. Exemplary tests were applied to the Delft Hand 2. The proposed benchmark tests are representative to quantify the performance of pick and place operations with underactuated hands. The results of the tests can be applied to evaluate, compare, and improve the performance of robotic hands.

This paper was presented at the IFToMM/ASME International Workshop on Underactuated Grasping (UG2010), 19 August 2010, Montréal, Canada.