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Research article
06 Nov 2019
Research article |  | 06 Nov 2019

The nonlinear vibrations of a vertical hard gyroscopic rotor with nonlinear characteristics

Zharilkassin Iskakov and Kuatbay Bissembayev

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The nonlinear vibrations of orthogonal mechanism of vibrating table in view of friction
Zharilkassin Iskakov, Kuatbay Bissembayev, and Nutpulla Jamalov
Mech. Sci., 9, 307–325,,, 2018
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Short summary
• Linear and cubic nonlinear damping can significantly suppress the resonance peak of the fundamental harmonic, eliminate the jumping phenomena. • In resonance area, an increase in linear or cubic nonlinear damping significantly suppresses the ability to absolute displacement. • In high speed areas, cubic nonlinear damping can slightly suppress the vibration amplitude and may slightly increase the moment of force transmissibility.