Articles | Volume 6, issue 2
Research article
21 Oct 2015
Research article |  | 21 Oct 2015

Coupled dynamic model and vibration responses characteristic of a motor-driven flexible manipulator system

Y. F. Liu, W. Li, X. F. Yang, Y. Q. Wang, M. B. Fan, and G. Ye

Abstract. Motor-driven flexible manipulator systems (MDFMSs) are widely used in industry robot fields. During the dynamic modeling, the separate investigation method which neglects the dynamic behavior of the driving motor will cause an error in the dynamic analysis of the flexible manipulator, especially with high-speed operations. This paper proposes a coupled dynamic model of the MDFMS in which the driving motor and flexible manipulator are considered as an integrated system, which can clearly reflect the influence of the dynamic effect of the driving motor. Based on the proposed dynamic model, the vibration responses of the flexible manipulator under different velocities, accelerations and structure parameters, as well as the effect mechanism of the driving motor on the vibration responses, are investigated. The results obtained in this paper contribute to the structure design, motion optimization and dynamic analysis of flexible manipulators.

Short summary
The coupled dynamic model of the motor-driven flexible manipulator system (MDFMS) is proposed. It observes that the dynamic effect of the driving motor has a significant influence on the dynamic characteristic of the flexible manipulator, the Young's modulus of the flexible arm and the end effector have a considerable effect on the vibration responses, and larger velocities and accelerations have a suppressing effect on the influence of the driving motor.